About Ajdin Sejdiu

Ajdin Sejdiu is the owner, and Executive Chairman, of the Sky Master Group.
This group is involved in the creation and financing of scientific and technical innovations with the primary objective always of improving quality of life.

Albania, together with other parts of the Balkans, has always produced high quality universities which have been leading research in many scientific, medical and technological fields.
Ajdin Sejdiu has been the leading driver of the development of innovations produced by the scientific community in Albania, since the communist regime was ousted some 25 years ago and, additionally, outside of Albania in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 
Sky Master Group is involved in scientific and new technologies in general trading projects, general construction projects, delivering the projects in turn-key form.
The group is furthermore involved in agriculture projects and sophisticated projects for the environment and the mining industry. It has been involved in the petroleum business in oil products, oil exploration as well as oil technologies since the 1980’s to date.
The Sky Master Group comprises Sky Master Project Holding SA, a group company involved in general financing, projects and trading, as well as:
  • ALIND & Kraja SA, a company developing exciting new pharmaceutical products, including cancer vaccines;
  • ALIND SA, whose activities include the technically innovative Bio Park project
  • The International Institute of Biotechnology covering innovations in human health, agriculture and food safety;
  • The Institute of Quality and Integration, covering advances in health and agriculture.
The Group owns many international patents which have been registered in the sectors of medicine, the Bio Park technology, water purification and alternative energy, several of which have sparked considerable interest by major multinational companies.
Ajdin Sejdiu has been involved in international development, project development, finance and trading for over 30 years. He speaks 18 languages and has excellent business and finance relations on a world-wide basis
For over two decades Ajdin Sejdiu and his companies were partners of the royal families of Abu Dhabi. He was sponsor and representative of: ABB, ElectroWatt Switzerland, General de Zo, SAE France Construction, Haliburton USA, Gerhard Industry USA, Alstom France and many other worldwide first class companies.
During his career he has executed multi billion dollar contracts around the world for desalination plants, dams, power stations, aluminium smelters, roads, bridges, seaports, industrial complexes, refinery and many others.
He has arranged finance packages for many projects and handled large scale deals with oil products, commodities trading and metals of all kinds.
As an independent working from the 1980’s until now he has worked on a wide international stage over a period of 35 years. Since 1990 he was primarily involved in business in Albania and other Balkan countries, but from 2010 he established two Institutes and six companies in Albania to execute the new innovations projects, many of which are unique in the world.
With his Institutes since the 1980’s and their new innovations he has succeeded in the most important problems from which humanity globally is suffering: water, food, energy, medicine. 
His companies have succeeded with new technologies offering 100% bio food and with over 16 patents in alternative energy. 
Concerning medicine they have solved the problems of many diseases which until today have been incurable. Final tests are being completed to gain international recognition of their efficacy to cure over 52 kinds of diseases. All types of cancer, AIDS, leukaemia, ulcers, asthma, pancreas, kidneys, prostate and all the respiratory diseases, skin diseases and the environment are covered in these products.
Ajdin Sejdiu is 63 years old and is married with three children.
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